Enter the world of Holly Well Springs… where the Christmas spirit lives on.

After losing her parents around Christmas, Hannah rejects the holiday fully. She turns her focus from joy and celebration to her future as a writer for a national foodie magazine. Outside of that, her only hobby is her plants.

When her boss sends her on assignment to Holly Well Springs, a small town in Montana where the people celebrate Christmas all year long, she’s not at all excited.

Suddenly forced to face Christmas everywhere she turns, Hannah comes up with a plan. She’ll just keep to herself and finish up the assignment as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, that’s not how fate works.

The moment she lays eyes on Brodie, a Greek god cowboy who also loves plants more than she does, Hannah finds herself questioning everything she believed about her past.

While she’s busy, the magic of love starts to unravel her wounded heart. And at the center of the miracle? A Wishing Well that opens her eyes to what’s really available to her.

True love.


Enter the world of Holly Well Springs… where the Christmas spirit lives on.

With long gorgeous silver-blonde hair and stunning eyes that flicker with silver, Nessa can’t help that so many men find her fairy-princess-like appearance irresistible.

But she doesn’t want to settle for a maybe relationship when she knows her forever love is out there somewhere.

Things take a dangerous turn when one guy just won’t take no for an answer. Nessa’s parents decide that the best way to keep her safe is to send her far away to a small town in Montana, where her mother had grown up and her aunt is still running the town’s bakery.

Nessa has always heard about Holly Well Springs, the town that celebrates Christmas all year long. From the time she sets foot there, she knows it feels like home.

The only problem? A somewhat gruff yet handsome chief of police who keeps bumping heads with her from the moment she arrives.

But as she spends more time with him, Nessa begins to realize that what she feels for Evan may just be that forever she’s been looking for all along.

True love.


Enter the world of Holly Well Springs… where the Christmas spirit lives on.
A magical story of love in a sacred place.
Katrina’s life is just right, with the perfect job working outdoors in a national park. Then the US Forestry Service asks her to check on some land in Montana where a local company wants to expand a tree farm.
Ben loves his life in Holly Well Springs, where he works at the Christmas Tree Farm.
He’s been in love with his boss’s sister, Tracy, since high school, but the big city called to her, and he’s put his life on hold while he waits for her to come back.
But the moment Katrina and Ben meet in Holly Well Springs, things get complicated. Katrina can’t get her mind off the gorgeous Montana cowboy, and Ben’s heart races whenever Katrina is around.
Then one day, an amazing discovery on sacred land threatens to change both of their lives forever.
Will Ben choose Katrina, or will Tracy move back to rekindle their relationship?
Will Katrina uproot her life and choose to take her rightful place in Holly Well Springs?
Only the magic of the Wishing Well can know for sure.


Enter the world of Holly Well Springs…where the Christmas spirit lives on.
What can a town that celebrates Christmas all year round do to make Christmas in July special?
You release more magic.
James Kringle has just finished his medical internship, so he heads back home to Holly Well Springs to enjoy Christmas in July and figure out his next move. After all, it’s been twelve years since he followed his “Pops” around the reindeer farm. But it isn’t long before he has even more decisions to make.
Sophie is the next up-and-coming surgeon at New York General Hospital. After losing a patient on the operating table, she decides to take a little time off. It seems a town in Montana that celebrates Christmas all year needs extra medical help for the month of July.
It sounds like the perfect place for her heart to heal.
But Sophie hasn’t even unpacked at the charming Santa’s Workshop ranch when she comes face to face with James, the most handsome man she’s ever seen.
Two doctors from different parts of the country suddenly find themselves in the same place at the same time.
It isn’t long before James is faced with a family medical crisis, and Sophie has to relive her own past family crisis as she tries to help James deal with his.


Enter the world of Holly Well Springs…where the Christmas spirit lives on.

Amid the fierce battle for the future of Holly Well Springs, a new romance is beginning to bloom.
Belle, a lively, fun-loving photographer from Texas, has headed back to Holly Well Springs for her best friend Hannah’s wedding. But this time, her reason for showing up out of nowhere has nothing to do with the town that celebrates Christmas all year long.

Jesse, the lawyer grandson of Holly Well Springs’s resident Santa Claus, Kris, hasn’t been home in years. But with the town threatened by the mysterious Astext Construction Company that is poised to change everything about Holly Well Springs, he’s back and ready to defend the town from every threat.

Things are tricky enough with Jesse’s father defending the other side of the lawsuit, but Jesse just can’t get his mind off the spunky brunette from Texas, the first woman to truly catch his eye. Belle and Jesse weren’t looking for romance, but will they find the love of their lifetimes in Holly Well Springs?

Or will the secret threat from Texas and the new, terrifying danger from the magic realm destroy their future before it even begins?


Enter the world of Holly Well Springs…a place that will make you believe in the magic of love.
Bethany thought the biggest change in her life was transferring to another college major. With the support of her parents and her brother, Ben, she was excited about her future as a veterinarian. But when her studies brought her back for an internship in her hometown of Holly Well Springs, life changed again when she caught the eye of a blond, blue-eyed Kringle boy.

Jackson Kringle spent his life doing what his father wanted, making a name for himself at his father’s prestigious Denver law firm. But when it came time to go back to Holly Well for some December celebrations to remember, his world got complicated when a beautiful veterinary student with unruly blonde hair came storming into his life.

With a backdrop of Holly Well’s fiftieth Christmas town anniversary celebration and the town’s most anticipated wedding of the Next Generation, will Bethany and Jackson find the time to build their budding relationship?
Or will the magic of the Well disappear along with their chance for happiness?
Find out what true love can do in the enchanting town of Holly Well Springs.