Enter the world of Holly Well Springs… where the Christmas spirit lives on.

After losing her parents around Christmas, Hannah rejects the holiday fully. She turns her focus from joy and celebration to her future as a writer for a national foodie magazine. Outside of that, her only hobby is her plants.

When her boss sends her on assignment to Holly Well Springs, a small town in Montana where the people celebrate Christmas all year long, she’s not at all excited.

Suddenly forced to face Christmas everywhere she turns, Hannah comes up with a plan. She’ll just keep to herself and finish up the assignment as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, that’s not how fate works.

The moment she lays eyes on Brodie, a Greek god cowboy who also loves plants more than she does, Hannah finds herself questioning everything she believed about her past.

While she’s busy, the magic of love starts to unravel her wounded heart. And at the center of the miracle? A Wishing Well that opens her eyes to what’s really available to her.

True love.


Enter the world of Holly Well Springs… where the Christmas spirit lives on.

With long gorgeous silver-blonde hair and stunning eyes that flicker with silver, Nessa can’t help that so many men find her fairy-princess-like appearance irresistible.

But she doesn’t want to settle for a maybe relationship when she knows her forever love is out there somewhere.

Things take a dangerous turn when one guy just won’t take no for an answer. Nessa’s parents decide that the best way to keep her safe is to send her far away to a small town in Montana, where her mother had grown up and her aunt is still running the town’s bakery.

Nessa has always heard about Holly Well Springs, the town that celebrates Christmas all year long. From the time she sets foot there, she knows it feels like home.

The only problem? A somewhat gruff yet handsome chief of police who keeps bumping heads with her from the moment she arrives.

But as she spends more time with him, Nessa begins to realize that what she feels for Evan may just be that forever she’s been looking for all along.

True love.